True-Talk Deluxe G5RV Antenna Installation Completed!

  • G5RV Antenna Install Completed

    07/06/2014 16:00:00 EDT· by w1smc
    It took the whole three day 4th of July weekend to complete this project.

    First I had to complete the work I began the previous weekend. So, Friday morning began with shooting a line over a tree to complete what I called my “Height-Line”. This line will establish the height of the center of the dipole and travels east to west and is approximately 50 to 60 feet above ground. I got the line up and over the tree on the first try. Next I attached the center insulator of the antenna to this line and pull the dipole up to it highest point and then I set and secured both ends using one gallon milk containers filled halfway with sand.

    Next I put up lines for the each of the antenna legs which will run north and south. The process of shooting these two lines was easier because of the learning experience shooting the height line. Both the north and south ends went up easily and were secured in the same way the height line was secured.

    At this point the antenna was up and was a work of beauty. All that was needed now was to connect the 70 feet of coax that fed the antenna to my Orion 2. This involved drilling a 1 inch hole though the house into the basement where my radio shack is located. Once I completed this I fed a 25 foot length of coax through this hole, secured it to the antenna feed line using an SO239 barrel connector and connecting the other end to the Orion 2.

    After a short test to determine I could hear stations and also tune the radio I filled the hole I drilled with insulating foam sealant to close the hole. Then I buried the coax cable that was visible on the ground using a log splitter wedge. I just hammered the wedge into the ground a few inches and pushed the cable into the slot and covered it up. And like magic the cable disappeared.

    I will post an update of how the antenna and Orion work in the next installment.
  • Phase 1, Leg A of G5RV Antenna Install Completed

    06/30/2014 16:00:00 EDT· by w1smc
    The first part of the G5RV antenna install has been completed. Using the Big Shot Sling Shot by Sherrill Tree, I shot 150 feet of line and a 16 ounce weight up 80 feet and over the tree next to our porch. I then attached and pulled a line of ¼ nylon rope from a 600 foot reel purchased from Uline back through the tree.

    The second part of Phase 1, Leg B, which should be completed tomorrow, is to shoot another line over an 80 foot tree roughly 75 feet west of the line established in Leg A. Once this has been completed the Deluxe G5RV center insulator will be attached to this Phase 1 (height) line and the antenna will be raised to the maximum height of approximately 70 feet. Once Phase 1 is completed I should be in a position to operate this antenna either as an Inverted V or standard dipole configuration.

    Phase 2 will be to shoot lines over two 80 foot trees which will be attached to the dipole ends of the G5RV.

    Phase 3 will be installing the coax cable feed line from the Ten-Tec Orion 2 to the G5RV. This will include drilling a ¾ inch hole though the shack wall to the outside from where access to the G5RV will be made. This phase will also include digging a small trench from the house outside wall where the feed line exits the house to just under the connection point of the G5RV. The feed line will be fed though a few sections of PVC pipe to protect it from weather and water. .....
  • We Are Still Under Construction

    06/13/2014 18:15:00 EDT· by w1smc
    Progress is slow but we are making headway so please forgive the non-working links etc. I know it's sloppy but I wanted to deploy something ASAP. So cut me some slack .....
  • Father's Day Lunch

    06/14/2014 06:55:00 EDT· by w1smc
    Well it's Father's Day weekend and I'll be heading up to Mansfield, MA and will be having lunch at the Cibo Matto Cafe with my daughter Heather and her husband John. .....
  • UHF / VHF: I am on the air!

    05/23/2014 16:00:00 EDT· by w1smc
    Using what can only be described as my Severely Advanced Intellect I installed a Comet GP-98 Tri-Bander on our chimney. I have to say it was a real bitch because the chimney was much larger than expected and I had a tough time getting the silver straps over and around it. Also, the steel straps were quite sharp and had to deal with many cuts and slices on my hands. The GP-98 is up about 40 feet and is working just wonderfully. I have no issues breaking squelch on many repeaters, and some are good 50 miles north using 5 watts! Next up is the G5RV so stay tuned .....
  • is back and on-line with a new format!

    02/09/2014 09:00:00 EDT· by w1smc
    I decided that I needed to spend more time working my web site so I launched a newly configured site as a birthday gift to myself .....